Following the Comfort in the Herd Research, this time applied to the body.

Ongoing pattern study focused translating shapes, scenes and narratives on the hat format.

This first collection was led by the interest of chunky/coarse knitting and applying it to a wearable finality.

Three woollen items for the inside space, seek to raise awareness on dutch wool’s potential, currently regarded as a waste material.

Why and How has the wool industry disappeared from the Netherlands/Europe?
What are the potentials of Dutch wool?

Extracting and implementing the digital wireframe language into the feasable world.

Development and making of the Ready to Wear F/W 22 collection at Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Paris.

Inspired by Moncler’s puffer world, resulting in an application of their identity, to furniture.

Sample Library

2021 - ongoing
The Sample Library is an ongoing study on wool and its possbilities.

Translating the natural environment of the Drents Heideschaap into a rug.

Poster book finding its origins in an abstract visualisation of the various streams we go through when being on a travel.

White Home is my cabane. An even more intimate space than my bedroom as through its multiple purposes it finally became a re-creation of my childhood’s neighbourhood.

Material research initiated by the exquisite corpse game.