alma lomholt breun is a french and german designer, specialized in textile design with a special focus on the material of wool and the technique of knit.

In 2022 she graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, with two thorough material explorations projects - one of which is at the heart of her practice today.

Her project Comfort in the Herd marks her interest and will to revalue the European and local dutch wool streams. Having always been on the consummer side of wool she decided to question the industry of this material, as its value has drasticly decreased, making it an increasing burden for farmers today.

As a hand knitter, alma lomholt breun is currently seeking to deepen her knowledge in industrial knitting, through internships and trainees. As a fervant hands on maker, she also believes that acquiring knowledge of the industrial side of this craft will help her reinteregrate local wools into our everyday streams.

With a hands-on approach, her interests lie in translating material research into sensitive objects and experiences.