White Home


During a summer of drawing colourful, monochrome, patch-worked cubes and rectangles, I decided to build one of these shapes in my bedroom, in order to study the inside of the shapes. How could this space be inhabited? What story should it contain and convey? White Home is my cabane. An even more intimate space than my bedroom as through its multiple purposes it finally became a re-creation of my childhood’s neighbourhood. Off-white cotton walls and floor absorbed the outside noise as in to bring you closer to my deepest place of safeness which was once my home, 6 rue d’Alsace Lorraine in Buc (France).

As part of an experience, the installation was moved at De Fabriek, Eindhoven in order to see how does a change of context influence the presence of the installation. Constrasting with the concrete walls and floor of the space, the warm and intimate aspect of the installation was emphasized.