Thread Structures


Thread structures is a collection of lightweight and delicate containers. The visual language of these containers are extracted from the wireframe** language in 3d modelling softwares.

This material research translates the wireframe through and open mesh, and leaves you the possibility to understand the complexity of the structure, as it displays the skeleton of the object. Moreover, through the mesh, the material of the object is invisible and only the surfaces of the objects become visible.

I intertwined the curiosity I had to wireframe with my sensitivity to textile. I am interested in detaching textile from its flat nature, by giving it volume or a spatial characteristic. Therefore textile thread has been the foundation of this material research combined to a hardening glue. 

**Wireframe, as it is called in 3D modelling software, is created by defining every edge and corner of an object, suggesting a simplified visualisation, before applying a smooth and final texture.